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April Reflection + Spoilers on Endgame... not

April has been a busy month for us. For starter, we finished our 3-week China / Japan holiday trip with heavy sleep deprivation and loads of insta-worthy bragging-worthy photos; Then, there was this Captain Marvel / Endgame bandwagon we had to catch up with; Then, there was also tonnes of work pile waiting clearance; Not to mention the #cheeky6months #dontsaybojio sale that drove us crazy and chaotic…

Anyhow April has been quite a great journey for us despite the overwork and sleep deprivation... Cheeky Wardrobe turned 6-month-old, and we are nothing but proud of our little baby. Though we did slack once in awhile (mainly due to our day job), we have been trying our very best to get it to grow. And slowly but surely it does! =D In fact, we were so surprised that we received such overwhelming responses during our #cheeky6months sale event – it was then we realised that there were many people actually (like ACTUALLY) follow our story, posts and website … even though they stay largely invisible …

Regardless, we are definitely honoured to have you on board. <3 And for you who might feel you have just wasted your 2 minutes reading this blog, don’t worry, let me give you some spoilers for Endgame ...  I mean Cheeky Wardrobe’s upcoming events – we will have some mothers’ day special during first week of May, then more SALES ( you ought to highlight this!), and then a fresh intake of some accessories ! Everything in May so do stay tune!   

Oh did I say freebies too ?!

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