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Cheekywardrobe.com saying Hello !

So hi guys! After few months of ups and downs, and lots of worries, here we are today, a place we can now formally called ‘home’. Geez, in retrospect, I think we have come a long way (in my way) – from thinking (and worrying), to more thinking (and worrying), and to more thinking (and worrying), it was after a few months that Shane and I finally agreed that maybe, we should stop worrying and thinking, and just do it instead. And then there it was – an Instagram page called ‘Cheeky Wardrobe’.

In fact, we didn’t even know how to start an online business at all. We didn’t know how to drive traffic, didn’t know how we should market our products, actually, didn’t know our profit margin… didn’t even know who our target market supposed to be… (Danger guys, if you were to start a business, always start with a target market) We just simply know that we want to sell clothes that are not too ‘basics’, ‘plain’ or ‘boring’. That’s all we knew, and that’s all we were looking at.

I know, I know we made a total joke out of ourselves. Despite having all those in-book knowledge, degrees and even masters, we didn’t even know how to sell clothes. (and then we finally understand what others mean by ‘a Masters degree won’t guarantee success in life’… Had I knew this earlier, I would have just dropped out of university I swear) … (Okay, maybe not. I still love my architecture background, and would like to be a professional architect one day)…

Anyway, a few days went by and we still had 0 sales, and I never felt worse. I thought we are so much a loser compared to those pasar malam uncles – not that highly educated, but they surely know how to do business and even make profit from it.

Luckily, things did get a little better as days went by. Mom forced persuaded my aunties/ her sisters to support us and generously, they did. A few more new customers, too, took a leap and purchased from us. As low as our revenue might have been that time, we never felt more happy – we thought we were finally starting to bloom.

… Little did we know that it was just the beginning. Nightmares are so real guys (will spill it out maybe next time)

Anyway, fast forward today, here we are, finally a domain for ourselves. Though we are growing and expanding, (slowly but surely), our core values stay the same – to bring the best service we can offer. We may start with sourcing clothes from supplier, ultimately, we want to create our own line. And we hope you would stay to join us on this journey! See ya next time !

Much love, xin pei @cheekywardrobe

Our very first logo... not the last guys, not the last.  Our very first logo, definitely not the last !

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