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Remembering Mommy !

It’s Mothers’ Day today!

Growing up, my mom has always been the stricter parent than my dad. Basically, she kept us all in check, study and attitude wise, while my dad was the one who would buy us cotton candy, ice-cream, soft toys etc.

When we were younger, mom would sit beside us, asking us to read a text line by line just to check on our pronunciation; She did allow us to have some computer game time as suggested by dad, but only freaking one hour per week ( I ended up lying to my brother, convincing him to give me his one hour so I can play more Pokemon);  She would arrange for our extra-curricular tuition, encouraging / forcing us to attend art classes and piano lessons. Of course, we were rebellious (as usual), my brother only survived one lesson, while me survived up to Grade 5 – not quite an achievement I can brag.

But eventually, I did excel in my studies, thanks to the strong foundation my mom built while teaching me subject by subject; I did excel in some extra-curricular activities too, whether it is art or public-speaking related activities etc, thanks to how my mom encouraged and forced me to go on stage since Standard One. Gee, I remembered how I had to stand in front of my parents, reciting poems and practicing storytelling at night after school hours. I also did end up becoming a headstrong and determined lady, thanks to how I retaliate against my mom when I was young. HAHA. You see, my mom like to have everything planned out for me, and obviously, I wasn’t quite a listener and obedient follower.

She did give in, gradually, allowing us to have more freedom as we grow up. She allowed me to skip my tuitions as long as I performed in my academics. She allowed me to skip schools too, even though my parents were teachers themselves. She allowed me to hang out with my friends as long as I came home by midnight. She allowed me to join and be active in any organisation I chose to be in. She allowed me to buy whatever I like most of the times, even though she was and still is very stingy with herself.

On ALL occasions, She would never once hesitate to give the better stuffs for her two kids, while she ‘inherits’ whatever we leave behind. She used our handphones when we upgraded ours. She bought me a Tiffany and Co. necklace when she herself never owned one. She allowed me to buy designer handbags (after all the nags), when she herself never bought a handbag more than RM200. And with that stinginess, she sent my brother to my alma matter to get his two years of Master of Architecture. (my overseas education was fully sponsored by the government, hence the saving) Then recently, when I told her that I was getting married soon and that wedding cost might be higher than her older days, she told me not to worry as dad and her would have my back…

So 27 years later, here I am, an architect, an ex-jpa scholar, a wife-to-be, and a small owner of CheekyWardrobe... All thanks to this strong woman in my family.

<3 Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers out there, motherhood is definitely a tough responsibility to uptake. And for the kids and adolescences out there, as rebellious as you may be against your parents, I hope one day, you would realise that you wouldn't have come so far if it were not for your parents. Cheers!

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